Durable for high traffic; flexible for your whole home: Luxury vinyl flooring

For a truly resilient floor, LVF is the floor for you. They are durable enough to withstand your heaviest traffic, totally waterproof, and styled to meet your every design need. And, they are an option that will not break your budget. We call it "resilient flooring" because it is.


Luxury vinyl is designed to handle high traffic in your home, whether that traffic comes from shoes or the paws of the various four-legged members of your household. Given that vinyl flooring was originally designed with the kitchen in mind, it is suited not only for wear but to stand up to those occasional "oops" that take place; whether a dropped frying pan or a dropped knife, these floors will live up to their names.

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One of the appeals of LVF is that it is a truly waterproof floor. You can spill water on it, pour water on it, or have water gush on it (for your sake, we hope this is not the case) and this floor will not be adversely affected. Simply dry it off and return to life as usual. It will not shrink, warp, swell, fade, or lose its structural integrity, making it an optimal choice for entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms where moisture tends to be present.


Luxury vinyl flooring is designed to look like a wide variety of floorings. There are plank floors that are designed to look like hardwoods of various types, complete with a textured surface to match the grain of many popular hardwoods. There are tile floors that are designed to look like ceramic, porcelain, brick, and stone tiles (complete with grout lines). Whatever the style you choose, all of them retain the same attributes of being durable and fully waterproof. This means that vinyl flooring is well suited for every area of your home, from formal rooms to bedrooms. It can also be installed in the basement. Again, water poses no threat. Anywhere you can install a floating floor, you can install LVF.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Harrisonburg, VA from Eagle Carpet, Inc.

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