Elegance, grandeur, and strength in one: Hardwood floors

One of the most unforgettable materials that you can place on your floors is hardwood. They are like a time machine, transporting you back to an age when craftsmanship was celebrated and strength was cherished. We, at Eagle Carpet, Inc., can transport you back to that age and give you a floor that will be truly memorable.

It all starts with wood

The most basic aspect of wood floors is wood, and we carry a wide variety of hardwood species from which you can choose for your flooring. We carry products that are made from acacia, ash, birch, hickory, kupay, maple, oak, pine, tigerwood, and walnut. If oak is your preference, we offer both red and white varieties. Some of these woods are locally grown and others are grown across the globe, providing you a wide variety of base colors, grain types, and hardnesses for your flooring.

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Hardwood stains, finishes, and distressing

While your hardwood flooring will always be beautiful in its natural color, numerous stains can be added to your wood, providing both an added level of elegance to your flooring as well as helping the floor to blend in with other wood that you may have in your home. A strong finish is then applied so that you can have many years of wear out of your floor without it becoming scuffed or scratched up.

Distressing is the practice of making the wood look older than it is. Perhaps you are restoring an old home and want to create the look of an equally old floor in the home, then distressed options are going to be for you. Craftsmen add depth and character to the wood and then hand refinish the pieces to prepare them for your home. The look this creates is truly a distinct one.

Find the durable hardwood your home deserves

Properly maintained, a hardwood floor should last well for many years. We also offer a variety of products that will help you clean and maintain your floors, helping to ensure that they look as beautiful years down the road as on the day they were installed. One of our sales associates can direct you in the best options to keep your floor looking spectacular.

When it comes to hardwood floors, we at Eagle Carpet, Inc., are your source. If you live nearby in Harrisonburg, VA or if you live down the road a bit in Harrisonburg, VA, Shenandoah, VA, Verona, VA, Staunton, VA, Brandywine, WA, Luray, VA, Franklin, WV, Monterey, VA, Waynesboro, VA, or Charlottesville, VA, we can serve you. Give us a call or stop by our showroom and let one of our knowledgeable sales staff assist you in finding just the right floor for you.