Five must-know facts about carpet flooring

Five must-know facts about carpet flooring

Technological advances have enabled mills to create innovations like larger color palettes, digital patterning, and unique versions, which have kept carpeting as the most sought-after floor covering.

An up-to-date style for everyone and every budget

When you walk into our carpet store, you'll see many colors, including some of the most trending ones, like jewel tones (blue, green, red, orange, violet), earth tones, and what designers consider the "new neutral," gray. They come in all styles and textures, like shag and patterned cut-piles from Mohawk, Shaw and Aladdin Commercial, etc.

As they say, though, looks aren't everything, so it's important to note that carpets also come with many functional capabilities, a few of which you may not even realize.

Yes, you can have carpet if you have allergies

Vacuuming gets the surface dirt, and any remaining pollutants get trapped into the fibers. They'll stay there until the rug is deep cleaned. A carpet acts as an air filter, so particles do not circulate in the air for anyone to breathe, improving indoor air quality.

A rug will help you save on energy bills

It has good temperature insulation (R-value), holding on to warm or cool air. Carpet padding also insulates temperature so, when the two are together, the R-value goes even higher.

It increases noise insulation

The cushion eliminates noise from footsteps and muffled conversations, excellent if you have infants, young children, or shift workers who sleep at odd hours in your home.

Carpets provide safety from falls

First, there's good traction, reducing slip and falls, and stopping, which means not crashing into walls and being injured! There's also cushioning, so if there are falls, they're soft, not hard.

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