Hardwood Flooring

Exquisite Hardwood Floors for Every Home

When you visit Eagle Carpet for your hardwood flooring needs, you will have access to a variety of options that's right for your style. Factory finished flooring is free of defects, installs quickly, and can be installed without dust or odors. The quality of custom on-site finishing depends on the workmanship and allows you to closely match your floors with existing woodwork or cabinets in your home.

You will find both options in advanced glossy or matte finishes that require no waxing. Today's hardwood floors can even be installed in your basement or on slabs. They can make any room feel warmer and more like home.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Damage

To best protect your hardwood floors, close your curtains or shades during sunny parts of the day. Consider whether to use area rugs, as they may alter the color of your floors. If you have pets with sharp toenails, consider whether hardwood is the best choice for you or not.

Take Advantage of the Best Hardwood Brands

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